Tutti Arts

Andrew Downing

Board member

Professor Andrew Downing has a long term commitment to disability, education and the arts.

Andrew retired as Head of UniSA’s School of Electrical and Information Engineering in 2012, continuing for a further two years part-time as Professor of Work Integrated Learning, in the Division of Information Technology, Engineering and the Environment. Andrew is a long time member and coach for SA Rostrum and a past President of Novita Children’s Services which supports over 2,500 children with disabilities and their families. He is a former National President of Engineers Australia and previously chaired the Board of Engineering Education Australia. In 1994 Andrew co-founded Seniors-On-Line, a program which grew out of interdisciplinary research into how technology could benefit older people.

In 2018, Andrew was inducted into the Australian Engineers Hall of Fame.

Andrew and his wife Sue are long time members of the Tutti Choir. Andrew was Tutti Arts’ President from 2015 – 2024.

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