Tutti Arts

Jackie Saunders

A portrait photograph of an Aboriginal woman with short hair look directly at the camera and smiles. She is wearing a black T-shirt and red jumper.

Visual Artist, Singer

Jackie has been working at Tutti’s Visual Arts studio since 2007 and has participated in many group exhibitions. A versatile artist, Jackie has also performed extensively with Tutti Performing Arts and had a lead role in a number of major productions including the Tutti Arts/Interact Theatre co-production of Tutti’s Northern Lights Southern Cross in Minneapolis USA (2009). In 2010, Jackie won a NAIDOC award for her achievements in the Arts. Between 2012 and 2019 Jackie was a member of the all-female pop group The Sisters of Invention.

In 2020 Jackie made the decision to focus on her painting. Her work attracted the attention of ACE Open Artistic Director Patrice Sharkey and Jackie was invited to part of ACE’s exhibition If the Future is to be Worth Anything: 2020 South Australian Artist Survey, along with several other Tutti artists. Jackie won the 2020 Dawn Slade-Faull Award which enabled her to present her first solo exhibition, Salt & Sand at Dentons Fisher Jeffries during November 2020.

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