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The Sisters of Invention are an all-female pop group determined to challenge society’s pre-conceived ideas about who can be a pop star.


The Sisters of Invention are Aimee Crathern, Michelle Hall, Caroline Hardy, Annika Hooper and (previously) Jackie Saunders.

The Sisters launched their self-titled debut album in 2015 at the Adelaide Festival Centre’s Space Theatre. The album was full of “top notch pop songs that… deal with the emotional truths of life” (Clem Bastow, ‘Daily Life’).

The Sisters continue to write and produce original songs, in collaboration with industry powerhouses Michael Ross (Electric Fields) and now Kathie Renner (Vincent’s Chair) and Mario Spate (aka Badcop).

In 2020, The Sisters featured in the digital Adelaide Cabaret Festival.

The group will launch their second album in 2021, which will build on the success of their self-titled debut.

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