Tutti Arts

How to join Tutti

Tutti programs are open to adults and children who are eligible for, or who already have, NDIS funding. Our programs are open to both experienced artists and people who are interested beginners.

If you are interested in joining a Tutti program, these are the steps.

Step 1 – Contact us

Contact Tutti on 8166 6430 to find out if there is a place available in the program you are interested in joining. We will also answer any questions you may have and make a time to meet with you.

Step 2 – Visit us

The next step is for you to meet with our Disability & Quality Manager, and have a tour of the Tutti facilities.

Step 3 – Paperwork

If you are interested to try out a program, the next step is for you or your support person to fill out the paperwork. This includes information about you and your support needs.

Step 4 – Come and try

All new artists have the opportunity to attend a free “Come and Try” session before officially joining the program. This is arranged in advance between you and the program coordinator.

Step 5 – Make it official

Once you have decided to join the program, Tutti will prepare a Service Agreement for you to check and sign. You can then begin attending Tutti on your program day(s).

NDIS information

To find out about how you can use your NDIS funds to attend a Tutti Arts program, please have a look at this webpage Tutti and the NDIS.