Tutti’s vision to take the work of artists with disability to the world is underpinned by a deep community arts practice which seeks to address the social and professional isolation of artists.

We do this by supporting skills development aimed at enabling individuals and collectives to negotiate, build strong creative relationships, develop their own networks, and realise how far they can take their work.

Our Aims

  • To break down barriers, challenge preconceptions and boldly place disabled visual and performing artists centre stage
  • To be a force for change through original work which liberates audiences from the familiar
  • To  create work which engages all the senses and explores a broad palette of artistic mediums, known and unknown
  • To inspire individual and collective creativity in the development of high quality performances and events
  • To encourage and develop independent individuality and the creation of original work which defines itself.

Tutti values

  • The potential of our artists to provide leadership and inspire positive change
  • Creativity and uniqueness in the way we make art and
    solve problems
  • Innovation and brilliance in our process and outcomes
  • Reciprocity, integrity and respect in the way we work
  • Clarity and honesty in the way we make decisions and
    do business

Tutti also values the loyalty and passionate involvement of people from the wider community who are central to the diverse social network at the heart of all our community programs. The strength of this network enables many people with disability to learn about, access and participate in Tutti’s programs.