Visual Arts Studios


Established in 2005, Tutti Visual Arts and Design is a dynamic arts program for young adults with intellectual and learning disabilities. The program provides a studio environment 4 full days a week where our artists are free to explore and engage in 2D, 3D and new media projects.

Led by a team of passionate and dedicated creative professionals, the program supports the development of the artists’ careers and individual professional practice. Creative collaborations within the program and with other art organisations make this an exciting place where artists enjoy an energetic and stimulating sense of community and vibrancy.

Creative outcomes of our program have seen our Artist’s exhibit their work locally, nationally, and overseas. Artworks have been projected onto iconic buildings, appeared as public installations and been awarded and recognised for their excellence.

The Tutti Visual Arts & Design Studio programs will expand in 2017 with a new partnership with Fontanelle Gallery providing arts programs based in Port Adelaide.

2017 Vacancies are available at Tutti Visual Arts & Design Studios (painting, drawing, printmaking, digital art and sculpture on the below days:

  • Brighton on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
  • Port Adelaide on Monday and Tuesday

In order to attend Tutti Arts programs participants need to have:

  • access to funding (usually via Disability SA or NDIS). A self-funding option is also available
  • an intellectual or learning disability
  • an interest and/or experience in one or more the art forms

To find out more or register your interest, contact Dorothy O’Brien on 08 8422 6510 or email.

Alice Green“My interests are the female body and fantasy. Mermaids combine these interests – they are slim, strong and beautiful. I like painting the underwater environment I can imagine they exist in.”
Alice Green
Grace Bell“I like to express myself in the way that the artist Jackson Pollock did. I’m also interested in incorporating natural objects and things like shells and sand into my work.”
Grace Bell
Scott Pyle“I’ve been into the Power Rangers since I was 6. I like them because they are good characters fighting evil.”
Scott Pyle
Jasmine Jones“I am interested in photography. I like to look at the detail of things like flowers and spiders. I also really like drawing with textas to make patterns.”
Jasmine Jones


Shedding Light

Orange Wrappers

The Paper Forest: Tutti Visual Arts

‘Monsters & Fairytales’ Exhibition, Adelaide Fringe Festival, 2012, Scott Pyle interview

Tutti Art Exhibition at the Kerry Packer Civic Gallery, Hawke Centre, UniSA, 2009  

James Kurtze, ‘Spooky DSI’, installation, Arts SA window, 2011

James Kurtze video projection onto Adelaide Festival Theatre

James Kurtze multi screen, ‘Dexter and Spooky Faces’

For more information, please call Tutti on 08 8422 6511 or email