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We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the place now called South Australia, and all First Peoples living and working on this land. We celebrate the history and contemporary creativity of the world’s oldest living culture and pay respect to Elders – past, present and future. We acknowledge Kaurna, Peramangk and Ngadjuri peoples on whose lands our events and activities are imagined, planned and held. This always was, and always will be, Aboriginal land.

Support material for Australia Council’s Four Year Investment for Organisations.


Soundtrack: Guns and A Bomb Vest by The Sisters of Invention

  1. Impersonal Space by Company AT, footage by Valo Productions
  2. Hip Hop masterclass, footage by Zig Parker
  3. Quirkestra at Pressurised Whisper Orchestra, footage courtesy ACE Open
  4. Heart Beat Club, footage by Sideways Theory and courtesy Access2Arts
  5. Speed of Light
  6. Virtual album exploration by The Sisters of Invention
  7. Visual art by Ellese McLindin, animation by Mawarini
  8. Visual art by Jackie Saunders
  9. Kurt Bosecke, footage courtesy of Tiny Gems
  10. Studio footage by Sam Roberts
  11. Visual art by Jasmine Jones
  12. Footage of James Kurtze
  13. Visual art by Jackie Saunders and Laura Wills, footage by Sam Roberts
  14. Soft sculpture by Boris Dann
  15. Visual art by Tori Bedford
  16. Film “The Drag Tour” by Sit Down Shutup and Watch and Burn Your Postcards participants
  17. Fantasy Estate exhibition, photo by Emmaline Zanelli
  18. James Kurtze
  19. ‘Form’ exhibition, photo by Thomas McCammon
  20. Visual art by Jasmine Jones
  21. Impressive & Vibrant Fantasy Buffet by Kurt Bosecke, Emmaline Zanelli and Eloise Holoubek
  22. Visual artists Mathew Leigh-Tamblyn, Matthew Cawthorne and Lewis Constantine; footage by Sam Roberts
  23. Visual art by Lewis Constantine
  24. Visual art by Dannielle Zozuk
  25. ‘Stranger’ launch – The Sisters of Invention, footage by Jake Forrester
  26. Aerial photo of Tutti’s Big Fringe Singalong courtesy of Adelaide Aerial and Gluttony
  27. Tutti’s Big Fringe Singalong footage by Jake Forrester
  28. Visual art by Kurt Bosecke
  29. Impersonal Space Digital by Company AT, Photos by Frank Lynch
  30. Photo of Josh Campton by Alex Frayne
  31. Company AT creative development, photos by Sam Oster
  32. Work by Lorcan Hopper
  33. Visual art by Tutti visual artists
  34. You Ready for This? by The Sisters of Invention, footage by Jake Forrester
  35. Footage of Jackie Saunders courtesy the NDIA
  36. Visual art by Banjobe Hunt
  37. Visual art and animation by Hannah Ryles
  38. Animation by James Kurtze
  39. Visual art by Jackie Saunders
  40. Visual art by Michael Tye
  41. Visual art by Scott Pyle

Video production by Passel Media.