Poco Tutti

Poco Tutti is the name given to our smaller choir of 20 singers.

Fresh from being the headline act at the 2017 Desert Song Festival in Alice Springs, Poco Tutti (a little bit of everyone) is rapidly gaining a national reputation as a choir that goes to heart of our humanity, our sense of community, and our souls.

Since being created in 2007 by Pat Rix and Philip Griffin for advanced singers in the Tutti Choir, Poco works to be accessible to all singers involved and regularly thrills audiences across Australia with its beautiful harmonies and positive energy.

Its soloists are five young women singers who have come up through the Tutti Choir and now form the world’s first disabled all-girl pop group ‘The Sisters of Invention’.

Poco Tutti is a microcosm of what is needed in our time, when so much of the world is unequal and at odds with itself.

Poco Tutti performs at concerts with the Tutti Choir, and at functions where a smaller choir is needed. Singers can be part of both choirs.

For more information, please call Tutti on 08 8422 6511 or email info@tutti.org.au

Poco Tutti