Say No More

Say No More is a collaboration between Tutti Arts, ACS Stepping Stone (in Penang, Malaysia) and Perspektif (in Yogyakarta, Indonesia).

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Creative Team Biographies

Pat Rix, Artistic Director
As Artistic Director of Tutti Arts, Pat has over twenty years of experience bringing diverse teams of artists together to promote disability arts in Australia and overseas.

Her career began in the mid 80s when she co-wrote and composed several award winning works (Windows, Decibels and The Wild Girl) which toured Australia. In the 90s she wrote Square Pegs, Freeway and Wild Rice for Junction Theatre. Rix’s many music theatre works include Mad Wicked Folly and Allegro for Mainstreet Theatre and Bananas for Performing Lines and the Sydney Paralympics, followed by Vancouver’s 2001 KickstART Festival.

Since founding Tutti in 1997 Rix has created many award winning music-theatre works with and for people with disability. Highlights include the award-winning opera My Life, My Love for the 2002 Adelaide Festival, The Singing of Angels – Come Out 2003, Between the Worlds – Mixed Blood Theatre, Minneapolis (2007), Northern Lights Southern Cross – Guthrie Theatre, Minneapolis (2009) and Eye Music – State Opera (2014). Her most recent productions include the artistic direction of Shedding Light – OzAsia 2015,  BEASTLY! for the 2016 George Town and OzAsia Festivals and Say No More for the 2018 George Town and OzAsia Festivals.

Pat’s work has been recognised through many awards including Australian of the Year (2007),  Australian Human Rights High Commendation (2008), the Arts South Australia Geoff Crowhurst Memorial Award (2011) , and the Adelaide Critics Circle Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Arts (2017) . In 2014 she was admitted to the Australian Women’s Honour Roll.

Catherine Fitzgerald, Theatre Director
Catherine brings to Say No More 34 years of professional experience as an Artistic Director, actor, director, writer and dramaturg, a substantial record of employment at tertiary level as well as experience in applied artistic research. She has worked with mainstream and second tier companies on contemporary and classical texts, and has participated in the creation of self- and group devised productions and performance. She performed in New York and Edinburgh in a ground-breaking new work depicting a transgendered world entitled Transcripts, which won a Fringe First Award at the Edinburgh Fringe (2015).

As a director, she has worked as a freelance and associate in State theatres (thirteen mainstage productions with State Theatre Company of South Australia), community, large scale music theatre concerts, self-devised, contemporary, community, women’s, alternative, experimental, queer, cabaret and intercultural theatre.   As a writer and dramaturg, she has worked across a spectrum styles, genres and mediums for a variety of audiences, incorporating visual spectacle, live music, and electronic sound and imagery.

She was Artistic Director Feast Festival (2013-2015), Associate Director State Theatre Company South Australia (2011-12) Artistic Director of Vitalstatistix, National Women’s Theatre (1996 -2002). She was the International Communications Officer for Women Playwrights International (2006 – 2012) and was Curator, Australian Delegation of Women Playwrights for the International Women’s Playwrights Conference, Jakarta 2003 & Manila 2006. She has worked successfully with many people from diverse backgrounds and organisations. She has extensive experience in working on cross-cultural projects including: No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability preparing the Garden Project (2009), Once Upon a Midnight (2008) a new bilingual bi-cultural rock and roll musical by Alex Vickery-Howe and Tim Lucas for the Kijimuna Festival in Okinawa, and AFCT OzAsia Festival and Ibsen, across cultures in India, Bangladesh and Nepal.

In 2003 she was awarded The Centenary Medal for ‘the development of women artists in South Australia through Vitalstatistix’. A commitment to social inclusion has underpinned her entire career.

Mawarini, Designer & Installation Curator
Mawarini is an Indonesian-born artist, digital designer and animator who holds a Bachelor of Graphic Design from Swinbourne University and a Masters Degree in Visual Art and Design from the University of South Australia. She has also completed an advanced course of animation and worked as a concept artist, digital painter, and animator with both Rising Sun Pictures and Monkey Stack. Mawarini has exhibited work locally and internationally: in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Russia and the US. In 2010 she co-presented Museum of Memory at the OzAsia Festival/Flinders University Residence with famed Indonesian Artist Jumadi. In 2014 she created the design for ‘In Lieu’ for the OzAsia Festival. Mawarini also practices her discipline of paper-cut shadow puppetry, marrying traditional Indonesian folk stories, traditional motifs with contemporary western folk stories and images. Her work has been shown at the Nexus Gallery (SA), Slot Gallery (NSW), Crows Nest Arts Gallery (QLD) and the 5th International Student Triennial in Istanbul. Mawarini enjoys teaming up collaboratively with artists from different disciplines and has a strong relationship with Tutti artists having worked as a visual artist, animator and designer on several projects, most recently for BEASTLY! (George Town and OzAsia Festivals) and Frozen Girl which had its world premiere in the 2017 DreamBIG Festival. 

Sue Grey-Gardner, Sound Designer
Sue is an experienced stage electrician with a demonstrated history of working across the performing arts industry. Skilled in set electrics and Lighting Design, Sue also mentors young designers and presents lighting workshops for schools and community groups. Sue is a strong operations professional with half of a Bachelor of Interior Architecture focused in design from University of South Australia.

Nigel Sweeting, Sound Designer
Having been in the industry for over 45 years as an audio engineer, musician and composer, Nigel Sweeting comes with a wealth of experience. He studied Ethnomusicology at the University of Adelaide and has been employed as an Audio Educator at T.A.F.E. and Ausmusic. From 1992 – 2002 Nigel was the owner of The Fridge studio where he recorded and produced over 50 records. From 2005 – 2010 Nigel was part-owner of Allpro Audio. In terms of live work, he’s engineered for many events and artists including Womadelaide, the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, Tutti Arts, and The Sisters of Invention.  Nigel records all types of music however his specialty is acoustic and choral music.

Naomi Srikandi, Writer & Performer
Naomi is a writer, actor and theatre director whose works include writings and performances using aesthetics as a framework for investigating the questions of how every day life images, sounds, languages retroact to politics. She studied Social and Political Sciences in Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta and underwent artist-in-residence programs hosted by DasArts Master School of Theater in Amsterdam and Hooyong Performing Arts Centre in Wonju. During 1994 to 2016 she was a core member of 2013 Prince Claus Awards laureate Teater Garasi/Garasi Performance Institute, where she also served as Program Manager and Associate Artistic Director for several years. She performed in international festivals such as Singapore Insomnia 48 and Berlin In Transit Festival. She ventured various interdisciplinary and collaborative projects including her part as Associate Director in “100% Yogyakarta” with Rimini Protokoll. She was a recipient of Kelola Foundation’s Empowering Women Artists for her theater works “Medea Media” which was shortlisted in the 9th Women Playwrights International Conference and presented in Södra Theatern, Stockholm, and “Goyang Penasaran”, presented in Salihara Festival and published by Kepustakaan Populer Gramedia, Jakarta. Her short stories appear in Indonesian newspapers and feminist journals, and were two times shortlisted in the Golden Pen Awards’ 20 Best Indonesian Short Stories.

Tiara Brahmarani, Writer & Performer
Tiara is the co-founder of Nalitari Community, a charitable community that aims to develop equality, diversity, inclusiveness through dance and movement.

Born in 1986, she spent most of her life in Yogyakarta, Indonesia but then decided to challenge herself by leaving her hometown and following her deepest passion in life, dancing. Parallel to her adventure, she also had the opportunity to deepen her nurturing practice for people on the autism spectrum and people with profound disability in the UK.

She has dedicated the last 5 years of her life to studying inclusivity through academic education and dancing. She leads many programmes with Nalitari ranging from performances, educational programs and workshops and collaboration with artists in various disciplines, which she tours locally, nationally and across the globe.  Dancing for Tiara feels like praying, it is her offering to the world.

Shita Laksmayshita, Writer & Performer
Shita is a Deaf performance and visual artist, based in Yogyakarta. Shita is a recent graduate from ISI and active in the Deaf Art collective of artists who engage in a variety of art forms to educate and challenge social perceptions of disability in Indonesia. She also uses art forms to raise social awareness and funds for other disadvantaged groups. Shita performed in Shedding Light for 2015 OzAsia festival and has exhibited at The Hawke Centre Adelaide in Sept 2015 and Explorasi Titik, in Bentara Budaya Gallery, Yogyakarta, in August 2016.

Monday McGill, Writer & Performer
Monday McGill has worked and trained in all areas of the Performing Arts and Production for 30 years. Her tertiary training was at Adelaide’s Centre of Performing Arts and then the Victorian University of Technology primarily as a Dancer.

After battling two Auto Immune Diseases and teaching herself to walk again she has become passionate in the areas of Neuroplasticity and its place in rewiring the body’s Neuromuscular Messages. Focus is on using the vehicles of performance techniques and Auslan Sign Language to connect the mind and body for movement and expression.

This is a constant and personal exploration to create and facilitate works of theatre with the added benefit of increasing movement and confidence for performers. In the last few years Monday has worked with No Strings Attached, Sprung Integrated Dance Theatre, Tutti Arts and Independent Projects in a variety of capacities including Performer, Theatre Tutor/Director, Creative Cross Cultural Facilitator, Stage/Production Manager and Auslan Shadow Interpreter.

Agnes Christina, Writer & Performer
Agnes Christina is a multidisciplinary artist who is interested in the struggle that people face in life and most importantly how they deal with the struggle. Focusing on the rhythm that is created by humans in everyday life, Agnes presents her findings mostly through performance that collaborates with other media such as film and painting.

In the past few years, Agnes has been focusing on her two major projects: Reading Centhini and Liar Project. Reading Centhini is a project to translate the Javanese encyclopedia “Serat Centhini” into series of performances, while Liar Project is a project to facilitate anyone to share their stories in public through performance.

In 2012, Agnes was one of the recipients of Kelola Foundation Arts Grants for “Innovative Work” and in the same year, she received Hotwave residency from Cemeti art House which was supported by the Netherlands Embassy and Heden.

Endang Sundayani, Writer & Performer
Endang Sundayani is a singer, disability advocate and freelance presenter at TVRI Yogyakarta since 2014. She self-taught herself to be a singer. Her journey to become a singer through several local singing competitions, won second runner up, third runner up, sometime she just achieved the audience favourite singer. Since then she is often hired as a wedding singer.

Endang is active as a presenter at the TVRI Yogyakarta show “KAMI BISA” where she interviews disabled people who have creativity, successful business organisation who work with disabled people or having an important contribution to disability society. Endang sings in the opening and the end of the show while playing guitar.

Endang is also busy with PPDI community (Persatuan Penyandang Difable Indonesia – ‘Unity Disable Society Indonesia’) in Sleman. She has an important role to bridging government programs. She is also active in the committee in art and culture and sometime she is invited as an exhibition coordinator part of disabled community events. She also knits and crochets art objects. Endang is eager to seek knowledge and expand her singing career and share her experience with the world.

Nina Rupena, Visual Arts Installations & Costumes
Nina was born in 1980 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and graduated from the University of South Australia with a Bachelor Degree in Industrial Design and a Masters Degree in Visual Arts. Since 2008 Nina has worked extensively in South East Asia using visual art, design and film to communicate visual ideas. Her work now features in several Australian and international collections.

In 2013 Nina collaborated with Tutti for the first time on Their Shadows in Us which was exhibited in Flinders City Gallery in Adelaide. In 2015 she was awarded a Rimbun Dahan Art Residency in George Town, Malaysia where she worked on FACE IT: a social experiment involving 40 George Town residents – presented at the International RANZCP Congress of Psychiatry, Hong Kong – May 2016. Most recently Nina co-curated BEASTLY! – an art installation and performance project for George Town Festival in Malaysia. For this project Nina collaborated with international artists and artists with disability from Stepping Stone, Malaysia. 

Patricia Wozniak, Visual Arts Installations Curator
Patricia is a Visual Artist and emerging curator based in Adelaide, who has deep experience of working in the disability sector. In 2010 she completed a Master of Visual Arts at the South Australian School of Art and currently coordinates the Tutti Visual Arts Studios. Her varied practice incorporates sculpture, photography, drawing, moving image and installation. Patricia embraces collaboration with other artists, as well as working with diverse communities on cultural and art-based projects and has curated several exhibitions and more recently cross artform installations for The Story behind Shedding Light (2015 OzAsia Festival) and BEASTLY (2016 George Town and OzAsia Festivals).

Caitlin Moloney, Writer & Performer
Caitie is a Tutti visual artist/performer/dancer, based in Adelaide. Caitie’s deep fascination for the language and landscapes of diverse cultures drives the themes in her work. She immerses herself holistically through image, the written word and through evoking physical expressions as a tool to express herself visually. She has exhibited in several Tutti group exhibitions and is developing a body of Landscape drawings for a performance work she is developing. Her most recent performances have been In the Balance – 2016 Adelaide Cabaret Festival, Shedding Light – 2015 OzAsia Festival, and BEASTLY! – 2016 OzAsia Festival.

Kathryn Evans, Writer & Performer
Kathryn joined Tutti Arts in 2011 and has enjoyed developing her performance skills in productions such as The Square Project and more recently in the lead role of Frozen Girl, as well as performing in community and cultural events. Kathryn has also worked extensively with Restless Dance Theatre since 2009 and performed in In The Balance and also Intimate Space as part of the Adelaide Festival. Kathryn’s careful execution of movement and expressive face make her a unique artist.

Jenna May, Writer & Performer
Jenna has been with Tutti Arts since 2004.  She does visual arts, performing arts and sings and plays hand drums in the choir.  Over the years her work has been included in many successful exhibitions and she has performed with the choir locally and interstate.  Jenna has also been in many play productions including The Magic Flute in conjunction with the State Opera Company, took part in the OzAsia Festival over 2 years and performed in Tutti productions 10 Ways to Love and Frozen Girl.                   

Trish Ferguson, Writer & Performer
Trish has sung in the Tutti Choir since 2004 and joined the Tutti Performing Arts Ensemble in January 2005. She has been part of a number of creative developments and performances including Between the Worlds Adelaide 2006 and Horsham 2005, Northern Lights, Southern Cross – directed by Jeanne Calvit for the Bundaleer Forest Festival and Adelaide Fringe Festival 2007, The Shouting Fence directed by Cheryl Pickering 2009. She has played major roles in Ten Ways to Love directed by Juha Vanhakartano – 2010; ONE – directed by Daisy Brown 2011; and The Magic Flute aka The Circus of the Seventh Seal of the Sun – directed by Cheryl Pickering 2011. Since 2012 Trish has acted in a number of training films for Minda Inc, music videos for the Office of Women Respect the Line – and a leading role in Escape Artists for EBL.

Jane Hewitt, Writer & Performer
Jane has contributed to exhibitions and performances since joining Tutti Arts and the Tutti Choir in 2007. Her paintings were exhibited in Minneapolis as part of the On the Edge Visual Arts Exhibition in association with the American Premiere of Northern Lights Southern Cross at the Guthrie Theatre, Minneapolis. Her performance credits include Northern Lights, Southern Cross in 2007, Little Blue Parcel in 2007, The Shouting Fence in 2009, Northern Lights, Southern Cross (US production) in 2009, and Ten Ways to Love in 2010. 

Darcy Carpenter, Writer & Performer
Darcy has recently joined Tutti Arts. She is an accomplished dancer having performed with Restless Dance Theatre in The Memory Keeper, Touched, In the Balance, and Intimate Space. Darcy also performed in the opening segment of the 2018 Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony and with Sue Austin at the Adelaide Film Festival.

Caroline Reid, Installation Artist
Caroline wrote her first commissioned work for theatre more than twenty years ago and since then her work has been consistently performed, broadcast and published.  She also writes poems, has done since she was a child. After making it to the final of the South Australian State Poetry Slam in 2016 her feelings toward poetry deepened and the poems became more expansive, serious (in intent at least), cheeky. The poems Caroline writes and performs travel the terrain of time, love, memory and middle-age. ‘It’s a glorious age,’ she says, ‘more fruitful than I imagined, and my tools of navigation include humour, poetry and performing to strangers in dimly lit rooms.’

Tessa Crathern, Installation Artist
Tessa is a prolific visual artist whose masterful, intricately patterned works are inspired by listening to music. Working with pencil or markers on paper, Tessa often juxtaposes abstract geometric shapes against recognisable symbols as she methodically constructs her array of kaleidoscopic patterns. She is currently developing wallpaper designs for work to be turned into textiles. Tessa has exhibited extensively in local group exhibitions and most recently in Explorasi Titik, in Bentara Budaya Gallery, Yogyakarta Indonesia.

Kimberly Sellers, Installation Artist
Kimberly Sellers is a visual artist and illustrator whose style is strongly informed by Asian art and design, particularly Japanese Anime, book illustration and cartoons. Sellers has created numerous meticulous works peopled by hybrid mythological and fairy-tale characters from different traditions.  In addition to her interest in painting, Sellers enjoys creating highly original clay and wood figurines, some of which have inspired animation films.  She has exhibited extensively both as a solo artist and in all Tutti exhibitions. Her work is represented in several private Adelaide collections in addition to interstate.

Fitri Dwi Kurniasih, Installation Artist
Fitri is a respected new generation writer and visual artist in Yogyakarta who uses graphic art techniques (such as hardboard cuts and etchings) to critique and dialogue social and environmental issues. Fitri is committed to raising women’s issues through art and music and consistently provides a strong female voice in an extremely patriarchal culture.  Fitri is a member of SURVIVE! Garage community, Taring Padi art collective, Bunga-Bunga Besi (Iron Flowers) women artists group and is a vocalist in the band Dendang Kampungan. Fitri played a key role in Footscray Community Arts Centre’s Collaborate Asia Program and Asia TOPA, Women, Art & Politics international residency for visual and performing artists from South East Asia.

Restu Ratnaningtyas, Installation Artist
Restu primarily works in video art, watercolor, painting, and installations, with a focus on daily life. Her focus on small objects reminds the audience there must be balance in human lives.

Amy Milhinch, Installation Artist
Motivated by beauty and excellence, Amy is a visual communicator striving for deeper meaning and human/universal connection. She is deeply committed to culture and the arts.

Lashita Situmorang, Installation Artist
Lashita Situmorang (samarinda, 1977) lives and works in Yogyakarta Indonesia. She graduated in 2007 from the Indonesian Institute of the Arts, majoring in Fine Arts. In her works, currently Lashita often talks about social and environmental issues with a research approach as her art-making method. The Red District Project (RDP) is an art project established in 2008 and the RDP #2 in 2016. This RDP project brought Lashita to be involved with several similar projects, such as Koro, Biennale XIV Collaboration with Waleria Americano (Brazil) and Samsara (NGO, Indonesia) 2017,  Makcik Project (Episode 1 in 2012 and Episode 2 in 2013), Poetic Everyman Project (Part 1: Micro Cosmos/Macro Cosmos, in Yogyakarta 2013 and Darwin Australia, 2014), “Care About Me Not My (Queer) Identity!“ (WATCH INDONESIA in Berlin, Hannover and Cologne), 2011 Immemorial (Indonesia-Australia-Philipine, Chan Contemporary Art Space, NT Darwin), Crossing Signs Project, 14 Artists from Germany and Indonesia Experiencing The “Liminal Zone” (Taman Budaya Yogyakarta and Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Jakarta), 2010 U(Dys)topia (HFBK Dresden, Freies Museum Berlin, Neuse Kunstforum Cologne), 2009 Immemorial (Jogja-Darwin Project), and the South Project (Pertemuan Negara Selatan-Selatan,  Melbourne-Yogyakarta).

Karina Roosvita Indirasari, Installation Artist