Say No More

Say No More is a rich collage of women’s stories, told via song, film, spoken word, sign language and visual art. 26 women artists from Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia draw on deeply personal experiences to create a wedding reception like no other. The myth and romance of the perfect wedding is both indulged and exposed through stories of longing, disempowerment, and, ultimately, survival.

Say No More had its world premiere at the George Town Festival in Penang, Malaysia in 2018 where it was heralded as one of the “top picks” of the Festival by Penang Monthly. 

Its Australian premiere occurred as part of the OzAsia Festival over 7 – 10 November 2018. Peter Wilkins of the Canberra Critics Circle described Say No More as “a powerfully moving and thoroughly poignant expression of solidarity and support”.

To view the Say No More program, click here. For creative team biographies, click here to go the Say No More page.


The first fruit of an international collaboration between learning disabled artists and their supporters in Australia, Malaysia and Indonesia, BEASTLY grew from artists’ reflections about how we as humans relate to the animal world.

BEASTLY’s interactive street art installations and performances have intrigued audiences at the 2016 George Town and OzAsia festivals and at its Indonesian premiere in January 2018.

Joseph Mitchell, Artistic Director of the OzAsia Festival, describes BEASTLY as a world class immersive contemporary work.

Joel Hartgen, performing the role of The Bowerbird, throws his head back and laughs as he sits in his nest inside a performance pod with a single audience member. The scene is washed with pink and purple light.

Joel Hartgen performs The Bowerbird in BEASTLY. Photo credit: Pavlos Soteriou

Impersonal Space

Impersonal Space is a penetrating piece of theatre that revolutionises audiences’ beliefs about what it means to have autism by transporting them into the inner life of a young autistic girl and her family.

The inspired direction by Julian Jaensch, witty script by Emily Steel and authentic performances from Company AT’s all-autistic ensemble engage audiences of all ages.

At the Impersonal Space world premiere in October 2017, many audience members saw their own family reflected in the story and loved “the honesty and the insight and the humour”.

Kaila Pole as Impersonal Space's main character "Nameless" shouts as she is surrounded by a circle of bullies

Kaila Pole stars as “Nameless” in Impersonal Space. Photo credit: Sam Oster

Frozen Girl

Frozen Girl is Kathryn Evans’ story, powerfully told with intricate facial expressions, an unhurried physicality, and sound and lighting which traverse the realms of fairy tale, memory and imagination to reveal Kathryn’s emotional experience.

Susannah Sweeney, Creative Producer of the DreamBIG Children’s Festival, selected Frozen Girl for the 2017 festival, describing it as an “original, innovative and important work”.

Kathryn Evans stars in Frozen Girl. Kathryn is shown looking hopefully into the distance as digital projections create interesting patterns on her face. A stage prop of a heart is to one side.

Kathryn Evans stars in Frozen Girl. Photo credit: Sam Oster