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Impersonal Space – a Company AT production presented by Tutti Arts at the DreamBIG Children’s Festival, May 2019

“[A] snappy, clever, perspicacious piece of theatre which taps into the hearts and minds of young and old” Samela Harris, The Barefoot Review
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“[The] balance of complex emotion with theatrical play establishes Impersonal Space as a piece of brilliant family theatre.” Theodora Galanis, Theatre Travels
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Impersonal Space – a Company AT production presented by Tutti Arts, October 2017

“A good script, fine performances, inspired direction, and a very likeable central character, add up to a superb production.” Barry Lenny, Broadway World
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“[A] hugely entertaining, thought provoking and richly rewarding theatrical experience” David O’Brien, The Barefoot Review
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“An authentic look at life on the spectrum from many different angles.” Talia Gaertner-Jones, Adelaide Theatre Guide
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“An incisive yet affectionate look at how autistic people experience the world” Peter Burdon, The Advertiser


“For me, it felt like I had been given a beautiful gift. I would encourage you to be open to the experience. The reward is truly marvelous.” Tony Knight, Stage Whispers, 2016
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‘How animal are humans?’ Ben Brooker, RealTime Arts Magazine, Aug-Sep 2016
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‘The Beauty of the BEASTLY’ Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, April 2017
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