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Say No More – Australian premiere at OzAsia Festival, November 2018

“A powerfully moving and thoroughly poignant expression of solidarity and support” Peter Wilkins, Canberra Critics Circle
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“Catherine Fitzgerald’s sensitive direction takes us on a journey that has a lot of darkness, yet still finds light.” Mark Wickett, Stage Whispers
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“Taken from their own personal stories, these courageous women speak out against the violence they, their mothers, and their grandmothers endured.” Corinna Di Niro, Broadway World
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“There is so much heart, soul and passion in their purposeful actions, engaging the audience with their conviction and giving the show an authenticity that’s difficult to match.” Georgina Smerd, Glam Adelaide
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Impersonal Space – a Company AT production presented by Tutti Arts, October 2017

“A good script, fine performances, inspired direction, and a very likeable central character, add up to a superb production.” Barry Lenny, Broadway World
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“[A] hugely entertaining, thought provoking and richly rewarding theatrical experience” David O’Brien, The Barefoot Review
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“An authentic look at life on the spectrum from many different angles.” Talia Gaertner-Jones, Adelaide Theatre Guide
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“An incisive yet affectionate look at how autistic people experience the world” Peter Burdon, The Advertiser


“For me, it felt like I had been given a beautiful gift. I would encourage you to be open to the experience. The reward is truly marvelous.” Tony Knight, Stage Whispers, 2016
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