Recent Events

Strong by Ellese McLindin

Tutti Port Adelaide Visual Artist Ellese McLindin presented her debut solo exhibition at the Royal Adelaide Hospital over summer 2019-2020.

Ellese uses the striking and consistent aesthetic of ink on paper to explore notions of strength in all its forms.

Above:  Ellese McLindin with her work “Under the Sea” Photo by Emmaline Zanelli

Strong was hosted by The Centre for Creative Health which is part of The Hospital Research Foundation Group.


The lotus flower is with the scum and the water,
but it remains untouched by any pollution. II1II
Raag Maroo, Mehla 1, Ang 990 

Kamal saw Tutti Arts visual artists come together with the Sikh community to explore the lotus flower and its place in Sikh culture. The artists have all faced adversity but, like the lotus, they strive for the light and create beauty through their art.

A lotus flower painted with pink and blue water colours by Megan Long
Artwork above by Megan Long

Artists Daniel Connell and Amardeep Shergill also created works in response to the lotus.

This exhibition ran from 4 September to 2 October 2019 at the Kerry Packer Civic Gallery and was presented by Tutti Arts and the Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre.

Molecule by Charlie Taplin
In his first solo exhibition, Tutti Artist Charlie Taplin used his strong colour sensibility and delicate execution to depict shapes and patterns normally revealed only through a microscope.

This exhibition ran from 1 August to 7 October 2019 at the Emerging Artists Gallery F at the Royal Adelaide Hospital with support from The Centre for Creative Health.

Above: Atom by Charlie Taplin

2019 SALA Festival exhibitions 

Touchy Subjects
Touchy Subjects broke the rules about touching art! The multi-sensory works extend beyond the visual realm, enabling you to experience them in different ways. 

Above: Happy Coral by Samantha Garton

A curated collection of works by artists from our Brighton, Port Adelaide and Barossa studios which share an uncompromising use of colour and fearless sense of style. This exhibition was held at Gallery 1855 with thanks to the City of Tea Tree Gully.

Above: artwork by Caitlin Moloney

A vivacious, colourful exhibition full of surprises! This exhibition was held at Yalumba Winery and featured beautiful paintings, mosaics and hand-crafted drums.

Above: The Winery by Laura James

2019 Adelaide Fringe Festival exhibitions 

Art and Mind

Tutti’s Port Adelaide Visual Artists teamed up with their studio-mates from Neami National for this exhibition at Fontanelle Gallery & Studios.

Drawings of two colourful seahorses face each other
Above: Lovers by Branden Reid

Exhibiting Artists: 
Ellese McLindin, Josh Maloney, Scott Pyle, Malyka Uy, Jasmine Jones, Matina Kallushis and Branden Reid from Tutti Arts.

Peter Spiliopolous, Rob Lockett, Stevan Howison, Trevor Sparrow, Joe Amuso, Elaine Roberts, Malcolm Derwas and Ingrid De Ruyter from Neami National.

Paint Draw Stitch

Six Tutti Artists – Banjobe Hunt, Megan Long, William Gregory, Jessica Galea, Grace Bell and Kurt Bosecke – worked with installation artist Jen Trantor to turn elements of their work into wearable art using embroidery. This exhibition was held at Brick & Mortar in Norwood.

The invitation for Paint Draw Stitch

Into the Sea…You and Me 

Kurt Bosecke’s third solo exhibition presented intricately rendered paintings and sculptures of sea creatures in the peaceful surroundings of Folklore Cafe in Port Adelaide. This exhibition won an Adelaide Fringe Weekly Award.

A painting of a boat filled with scuba divers heading out to sea

Say No More

Say No More is a rich collage of women’s stories, told via song, film, spoken word, sign language and visual art. 26 women artists from Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia draw on deeply personal experiences to create a wedding reception like no other. 

Say No More had its world premiere at the George Town Festival in Penang, Malaysia in 2018 where it was heralded as one of the “top picks” of the Festival by Penang Monthly. 

Its Australian premiere occurred as part of the OzAsia Festival over 7 – 10 November 2018. Peter Wilkins of the Canberra Critics Circle described Say No More as “a powerfully moving and thoroughly poignant expression of solidarity and support”.

SALA Exhibitions

Tutti Arts had three exhibitions for the 2018 South Australian Living Artists (SALA) Festival – one at Port Adelaide, one in Brighton and one in the Barossa Valley. 


Artists from Tutti’s Port Adelaide visual arts studio explore shape and pattern in this colourful exhibition featuring works on paper, canvas and sculpture and installation. These energetic works take the forms around us and repeat them to create a vibrant mosaic effect – a tessellated view of the world.

‘Family’ by Jasmine Jones

Wonder Rooms

Wonder Rooms is a transformative exhibition of old and new works that pays homage to the benevolent Lady Galway to whom Tutti’s Brighton studio building was dedicated exactly 100 years ago.

As a tribute to the woman heralded as ‘a wonder’, Tutti Artists and staff will reimagine the building as a canvas and present work that, like Lady Galway’s orations, has the power to influence social change.

‘A Famouse Girl of Lady Galway’ by Kurt Bosecke

Tutti means ‘everyone’

Tutti Visual Artists based in the Barossa Valley explore personal themes in this exhibition through mixed media, drawings, paintings and sculpture.

Works by Brett Leslie (top) and Laura James

SEA me – visual art exhibition

Acrylic painting of a modernistic mermaid by Ellese McLindin

Acrylic painting by Ellese McLindin

Inspired by Port Adelaide and the sea that surrounds it, SEA me features seascapes and the bizarre and intriguing creatures that live in its deep blue depths. SEA me is a body of work developed by four Tutti Arts visual artists based at the Fontanelle workshop in Port Adelaide and showcases colourful and lively 2D works in mixed media of various sizes and scales.

This exhibition was held at Fontanelle Gallery & Studio from 19 February until 13 March 2018.

Lightspace – new media

Tutti’s Film & New Media’s work Lightspace was selected to be part of Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT) and City of Adelaide’s Luminosity project which feature large-scale, silent projections on the Centrepoint building on Rundle Street. Tutti artists decided to “express happiness, electricity, power, different dimensions, mystery, fun, and different emotions” by exploring painting with light.

15 January – 23 February 2018

Impersonal Space – theatre

Kaila Pole as Impersonal Space's main character "Nameless" shouts as she is surrounded by a circle of bullies

A unique, full-hearted and funny look at how autistic people see and experience the world.

“Nameless” is a nine-year-old girl who loves nothing more than her family, star-gazing, and hot chips. But Nameless isn’t like the other children at school: hyper intelligent but sometimes she does strange things, and the bullies call her “dopey” and “weird”. She feels isolated, sad and confused, until a medical diagnosis reveals the truth – Nameless has autism. Taking comfort in the stories of her scientific heroes and imaginary friends Albert Einstein and Sir Isaac Newton, Nameless sets out on a journey of the imagination to find strength and confidence in her differences and happiness in herself.

Presented by Tutti Arts, Impersonal Space is an original production by Company AT.

19 – 28 October 2017

Tutti Kids & Youth 2017 Showcase performance

Participants take a bow after the 2017 Showcase performance

Friendships have been blooming at Tutti Kids and Youth! The young artists chose an eclectic mix of songs to perform at this special event, including several of their own originals. In front of a large crowd of family and friends, the young artists celebrated their creative talents.

Songs in the Heart of the Hills winter concert

The Tutti Choirs presented Songs in the Heart of the Hills, featuring The Gathering Wave from Ink Pot Arts.

By the fire at the Mount Barker Waldorf School Living Arts Centre, the Tutti Choirs and Music Program enveloped the full house in a mix of original work, old favourites and a preview of Poco Tutti’s set as a headline act for the Desert Song Festival. Hosted by Jacqy Phillips.

Saturday 26 August 2017

Parrots in Mango exhibition

Parrots in Mango exhibition 2017

Inspired by the success of recent collaborations in Indonesia and Malaysia, Tutti’s supported studios and gallery underwent a tropical metamorphosis to embrace the lively, the colourful and the bold! A delight to your senses, Tutti’s award winning artists created a luscious tropical paradise. Parrots in Mango was hot, sweet and crazier than coconuts!

The exhibition featured a variety of mediums and scale with works from all 34 visual artists who attend the Tutti visual arts program (including Port Adelaide artists).

4 August 2017 until 25 August 2017

Frozen Girl – theatre

Kathryn Evans performs as herself in the play Frozen Girl. Kathryn walks past a digital projection of herself amidst imagery of barren tree branches.

Kathryn is a sister, a daughter and Jane’s very best friend. When Jane and her family leave to live in another city, Kathryn’s world falls apart.

Created by members of the Tutti Performing Arts Ensemble with director Juha Vanhakartano, writer Emily Steel and design artist Mawar Mawarini, Frozen Girl is experimental theatre which asks what happens when a thirteen year old becomes lost in her own world. It explores the inventiveness of her family’s support.

Frozen Girl was presented by Tutti Arts & Adelaide Festival Centre as part of the Dream BIG Festival over 25 – 27 May 2017.

Think BIG! exhibition

Any artist will know a space can be a daunting thing. The vast empty space of a new canvas sits silent, offering the artists no suggestion of how to begin. Still it beckons to the artists, their fingers itch for the paintbrush, the spray can, the pen, anything to help them transform this blank page and bring their ideas to life.

Think BIG! is the culmination of work by Tutti artists experiencing the challenge of a blank state and meeting it head on. Each artist successfully transitioned from small scale to large and the sheer size of the works demonstrates their triumph in transforming an empty space into a vibrant, emotive piece of art.

Think BIG! ran from 6 – 27 April 2017 at Fisher Jeffries

Beastly Projects by Kurt Bosecke, 2017

Winner of the Bank SA 2017 Adelaide Fringe award for Best Visual Art & Design, Beastly Projects showcased a series of other-worldly original artworks by Tutti Visual Artist Kurt Bosecke, together with interpretations of Kurt’s creatures into limited edition T-shirts by the inimitable Dave Court of foolsandtrolls.

These mythically enticing works and their titles rekindle the weird and wondrous imaginings of childhood, while the limited edition designer T-shirts spread the love by becoming walking exhibits.

Beastly Projects ran from Friday 17 February to Sunday 19 March 2017.