Audience Feedback

Impersonal Space, October 2017

“It is amazing how creative this play is in helping people see things from, not only the perspective of autistic children, but also their family.”

“Wonderful script, wonderful ensemble. Great to hear genuine voices of people with Autism.”

“It was fabulous. Educational, heart-wrenching, heart warming too. Well done!”

“Incredible and glorious to see an original work about ASD with the performers that can relate. Relatable, raw and hilarious. Speaks the experience of thousands.”

Frozen Girl, May 2017

“It was visually stunning. I loved the design and costumes and then the lighting and animation which was so effective at conveying Kathryn’s inner world. All the performers were great. I believed every character.”

“Frozen Girl was extraordinary, wonderful. I liked that it created a mysterious subtle atmosphere. I loved all the amazing ways of communicating. You are all awesome.”

“I felt as though I had been given an opportunity to see the world through Kathryn’s eyes….and I learned that the world is a strange and beautiful place.”

Day of the Song, November-December 2016

“What a great combination of positive energy and wonderful talent.”

“It was full of soul and a truly great musical occasion.”  

BEASTLY!, George Town Festival, August 2016

“Rare and wonderful theatre” 

“Completely unexpected….The Bowerbird made my soul dance” 

“A great and thought-provoking performance, wonderful visuals!”

“More, more, more!”

The Magic Flute, September 2011

“What an absolutely wonderful production. I loved the concept entirely and its accessibility for all ages was nothing short of magic.”

“It was wonderful to see the way such differing talents and gifts were mixed together to make for such a fascinating and enchanting show. And the message of courage, acceptance and ‘barriers are there to be broken’ that it presented was wonderful.”

“It was FANTASTIC!! We loved the singing and some of the lyrics were hilarious! The performance was incredibly entertaining, with so much to enjoy. The Cirkidz were fabulous!”

Tutti Choir at the Special Olympics 2010 National Games launch, 2010

“I have had such fabulous feedback from attendees regarding the song and their performance. I think their involvement added such a lovely touch on the day – I especially enjoyed their spontaneity and enthusiasm. I truly think they stole the show.”
Jenny Daly, Event Manager

My Life, My Love, Adelaide Festival, March 2002

Festival Director Peter Sellars on Brian Gilbertson’s performance: “Amazing presence and an amazingly beautiful and clear voice.”

“Of all the strands of community theatre so far presented at the Festival this shows the greatest power. It includes intellectually disabled participants… it has transcended its community theatre origins to create something of particular artistic significance. It had many of the audience in tears by the end.”
Tim Lloyd, The Advertiser

Broadway Spectacular 

“Carol and I were privileged to be present this afternoon at the “Broadway Spectacular” concert this afternoon. Carol was moved to tears at the sheer brilliance and enjoyment of the choir members and soloists. While the singing etc was wonderful, the part that I really loved was witnessing the high sense of self esteem, self confidence and sense of self worth that the occasion generated among everybody on stage.” 
Peter Nicholls, Australia’s People Gardener – Growing better people

Launch of the WCH Foundation Arts in Health Program

“The inspiring performance by Tutti – Aimee, Annika, Emma, Michele and Cliff on guitar with “I Got Health”, “My Song About Colour”, “Punk Rocker” and the special tribute to Minister Hill – “Hey Big Spender” will stay with us for some time.”