The Sisters of Invention – ABC iView series launch

March 8, 2017 all-day

Pop-Ability is the latest digital-first series to be released exclusively on ABC iView, available from Wednesday 8 March.

Commissioned jointly by the South Australian Film Corporation and ABC, Pop-Ability is a five-part documentary series about The Sisters of Invention – the world’s first-ever pop girl group with disabilities.

The series follows the group of five women and their music producer Michael Ross, as they get set to launch an ambitious music video that could change the face of pop music.  The music video will be released on iView alongside the series.

As well as depicting the creative process of writing and recording their songs, Pop-Ability follows the group as they are faced with the everyday challenges of living with a disability, as well as some bigger life changes.

Tune in on ABC iView from 8 March!

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